Novi AMS Training

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Customized Training

Every association is unique. Whether it’s complicated dues structures, unique reporting requirements, or multi-faceted events, there are things that your team does every day that no other association faces. This is why novi AMS provides an allotment of customized training time to our association partners. Each year, this balance refreshes, so new staff members can be brought up to speed quickly. Additional customized training is also available at a nominal additional charge.

Ongoing Training

To make it easy to keep up with updates and new features, novi AMS clients are invited and encouraged to participate in our bi-weekly live demos. These are immediately followed by an open Q&A session where association professionals can give direct feedback and ask questions of our software development team. Can’t make it? No worries. Our clients can access our archive 24 hours per day and the ability to chat one-on-one with our team as soon as a question arises.