Young Professionals Committee Spotlight

Posted By: Tim Plains Member Engagement,

The Young Professionals are headed in a new and exciting direction. In an effort to encourage leadership development and celebrate professional growth for our future leaders, we have designed a strategic plan as well as basic committee member criteria to help us to streamline our efforts in accomplishing our objectives. A few of the requirements include actively participating in other committees, assisting with the Job Shadow Day, contributing to a hands on volunteer opportunity benefitting homeless veterans and interviewing one current board member.

In addition to these committee member criteria, our current Young Professionals are very focused on the future success of the association. A few of our main goals are sustained member growth and personal development for leadership. Many of the YP committee members are taking advantage of the Lyceum program and the new Leadership Development programs to prepare themselves for future leadership positions within the association.

Keep an eye out for our committee members to be out and about, networking at the next AONW event. If you have any questions about joining the Young Professionals, please contact us!